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We have experts in Natural Language processing, Processing experienced in OCR, Sentiment Analysis, Knowledge Extraction, NER and Topic Modeling

Machine Learning

With the most advanced mathematical models, Tensor Flow, Pytorch, H2O, and the like, our system will learn your data's behavior.

Data Analysis

Sifting data is our profession. Employing machine learning and statistical models we extract information and give you the proper insights for a better decision-making process.

Video and Image processing

Add vision, object detection, tracking, biometrics, segmentation, classification, captcha generation, and many more to your system.

Audio and Signal Processing

Audio segmentation, speech recognition, biometrics, bio-signals (EEG, ECG, EMG, etc.), emotion detection, and many more.

Recommender Systems

Analyzing preferences of customers and making recommendations based on their choices in news, movies, items to purchase, etc.

Time series analysis and prediction

Analyzing the best market opportunities, prediction of sale trends, bio-signals, with online learning support.

AI development

Applications with powerful AI engines, integrations for automatic data collection and analysis within the app.

Forecasting and predictive models

Develop and implement of numerous NLP, NLU, Entity recognition and many other subjects in past 5 years

Services Industry


We have extensive experience in the health industry. We have worked closely with many firms in this field on topics such as instrumental analysis, health, viruses, and microbiological trends in the data analysis and predictive models. In addition, we have experience in image analysis on CT and X-Ray images to detect the desired objects.


In various fields of fraud detection, invoice, prescription and document data extraction with OCR and NLP, we have provided the clients with superior results and we have collaborated with firms all over the world.

News & Media

We have built many predictive models and have developed recommender systems for different media stations, personalizing the news and media based on user preferences.


We have completed several projects in the field of invoice and document data extraction. Likewise, we have closely collaborated with a wide range of start-ups and companies in this field for data analysis, news sentiment analysis, and many other subjects.

Social Science & Society Behavioral Studies

We have performed a broad range of survey analysis and data analysis in this field for different clients.

Stock Market

We have carried out forecasts and have developed optimization models for stock markets based on client, hedge-fund, and firms’ preferences and technical analysis.