We have been gathering together top talented data scientists and connecting them to the high-tech firms. Utilizing the flat scrum management, we have successfully finished many projects with highly satisfied customers.


dataCoLab is an internationally active firm working in various fields of programming and data in the dimension. The activity covers all areas, and is accompanied by increasing development. We invite all enthusiastic programmers to collaborate and want to expand into all available fields.

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We make things we are proud of.

We do things properly.



We start our first tech-based start-up which to a great extent is data science based. With this we gained tremendous experience in areas such as data science, R, python, project management. Most importantly, as we got more involved, we found a craving hanker toward data science hot topics.


Small freelance jobs

We started to take some minor jobs as freelancers. Over time and by getting more experienced in the area, we were able to earn new major projects and tasks that needed multiple developers and big tech team management. Here we realized the great need of having the right team and how we can start such a team!

September 2013


We established dataCoLab, and we started to scale up and hire developers from all over the world.

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